About this Website:

I set the website up in August 2000 as I was learning how to write HTML (website language) and needed a suitable project. Being a teacher who always enjoys the kind of humour that adorns many staffroom notice boards, I decided that this was something about which I could remain relatively enthused. I was also feeling rather grumpy at the time about the whole concept of Ofsted; I hated (and still do) the whole notion of the select few telling the knackered many how to do their jobs better. Hence Ofsted ARGH!! was born.

The site took me quite a few weeks to set up, and for the first year I maintained it regularly. I added items as and when I thought them up, or found them, and so the site built over that period to about 13 pages of meaningless nonsense. I like to think that the most popular pages (e.g. things not to say to an Ofsted Inspector) are the ones I made up myself. Many, however, were sent to me by other people and have been adapted; I am grateful for those.

Over the last couple of years I havenít maintained the site as well as I should have. For example I havenít responded to emails sent in by people (sorry about that if you sent me an email). However, I have recently updated everything and plan to add a few extra pages in the coming year. I think itís just about still worth maintaining.

Regarding disclaimers and all that twaddle, I am more than willing to remove anything from the site if somebody finds it offensive or informs me that it is under copyright (Iím really not precious about it).

Now thenÖ when youíre all standing properly, you may go.