Humorous education sites:

Cheesy gifts for teachers - a site celebrating those wonderful items of tat that kids frequently bestow upon their poor teachers

More educational cartoons - Cartoons by Merv Magus.

10 Uses for an Ofsted inspector - Suggestions gathered by Teri Norton.

A teachers' Alphabet - Another Teri Norton site.

Diary of an Assistant Mistress - Yet another Teri Norton site.

GCSE answers - A compilation of actual student GCSE answers...

Speacial High Intensity Teaching - A new teaching programme.

The joys of teaching - Very funny.

Excuses excuses - There seem to be quite a few of these lists doing the rounds.

Other sites that I think are worth visiting if you need cheering up:

How to blend in - a very funny site which has nothing at all to do with education. Two blokes take pictures of themselves next to old people. I like this because I feel that I've worked with most of these people.

The Onion - a US spoof newspaper. Completely brilliant.